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BBQ In The Park – Fun For The Whole Family!

Help Support Your Dry Creek Mercantile Staff!

The Dry Creek Mercantile staff needs your help! As most of you know, the mercantile will be shut down for the next couple months as we do some renovations and some really exciting stuff. However, in the meantime, the mercantile will be closed, and that means the staff is scrambling for hours….

To help offset this inconvenience for the staff and show the support from the community, we are throwing an awesome BBQ In The Park on August 22nd and all proceeds go directly to the Mercantile staff.

Fun For The Whole Family

Come join us on August 22nd for fun filled day that includes activities for both kids and adults on the Village Green Lawn! In addition, we will be serving food and drinks on the Mercantile patio for everyone to enjoy. There is no time of year like fall, and we are excited to bring the community together to celebrate the start of a new season, and everything that comes with it.


When: August 22nd from 3:30pm-7pm

Location: Dry Creek Mercantile Patio and Village Green Lawn

Details:  All Proceeds Go Directly To Supporting The Mercantile Staff While Closed Down!

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